Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I create an account?

Go to the “My Account” page and on the right side there is an option to register a new account.

  • Do I need to set up an account before ordering?

No, you can go through the entire order process and checkout as a guest.

However, it is advantageous to create an account.

  • How does shipping work?

See the “Local Customers Shipping Information” page for details.

  • What if I live just outside the local shipping area?

Give us a call at 525-0160 or E-Mail with where you live and what you want to order and we can work out shipping that works well for both of us.

  • What if what I want is not on the website or I want to make my own special order for delivery?

Just call or E-Mail us and we will make a special order just for you. We will email you a link back to our site with your order for you to review and order just like any other product on the site.

  • What if I have a question that isn’t covered here?

Call the meat shop at 217-525-0160, text Matthew Donelan directly at 217-414-7817(quickest and best option), email We will be happy to help!

  • Is the meat on this site the same as what is sold in the store?