Fresh cut steak and fresh cut prime rib sale all through the holidays! All US Choice or better! No need to call ahead! Spices, Rubs, and Au Jus free with every order!

Midstate Meats is a family friendly old fashion meat shop. Nearly all of the products we sell are home made right in our shop.

Midstate Meat Company
Midstate Meat Company

Meat Packs

Switch Out Whatever You Want!

Pack Sheet Pack Sheet


Fresh Pork Ribs
Lopped and Chopped
$3.29 per pound!!!

Fresh Cut Chuck Steak Your Choice
5Lb for $30!

Fresh Whole Chicken Cut Up
5Lb for $10!!

Fresh Ground Beef
$5.99 Per Pound!
Patties Made Fresh While You Wait!

Give us a call at 217-525-0160

Open 9AM-7PM Monday-Saturday, Open 9AM-4PM Sunday